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Riding the Waves


With the boys being older they love that they get to go out in the water together and play in the waves. I love not being a nervous wreak that having a toddler at the beach brings you!

The ocean is a powerful beast but the boys are strong swimmers, we talk about the current and what to do if your caught in a rip tide. We look at the waves and talk about where the good spot to swim is. I point out land marks on shore they need to stay between. They wave at me every so often to let me know they are good. I wave back because my eyes are glued to them but I’m not a nervous wreak because I have giving them the skills needed to enjoy the ocean.

The boys were begging me for a Wave Bandit board after seeing a few people using them at the beach the other day.

They looked fun & fast!

The boys decided they would use their money on the boards but the only ones on sale we could find came in pink & teal. Kai response was “Mom real men wear pink! Plus those are your favorite colors so I’ll think of you when I’m riding some waves!” Seriously I love this kid! 💗 They are anxiously awaiting the arrival in the mail!