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Inspiration behind a Starry Night Painting

Today, I wanted to share with you about my inspiration behind this acrylic painting I did called Starry Night.

It all started a few years ago when I was playing around & blending water colors. I was loving the effect I was getting and it looked like rain. At the time, I had just started playing around with ink & watercolor. I loved the contrast and the definition I could get from using ink, so I outlined a wave and filled it in with watercolor.

But there was something missing…

That is when I decided to fill in the wave with lots of lines to define the movement. I started a new drawing, as I normally draw first, then add paint. I was falling in love with the whimsical nature of the drawing.

The results and the original Starry Night watercolor painting:

I continued to explore watercolors, painting fun waves, sunsets and playing with color.

In the beginning of 2018 I took an adult painting class with a local well know artist and art educator. I had wanted to explore acrylic painting more. Honestly, I had always hated painting with acrylics, but being wiser and older I know that when you don’t really like something, that you find it frustrating, it’s more related to operator error then anything. I was correct. I found out in class that when using acrylics it’s important to use drying extenders, that adding gloss into your paint makes colors pop and there are so many tools to paint with other then just a brush.

Fast forward a few months, we had already embarked on our RV adventures and I was visiting my parents in PA in the fall of 2018. We ended up staying there much longer due to some RV repair issues that came up so I set up a mini art studio in my parents sun porch. I loved all the windows, the light durning the day was amazing!

I had been painting a lot of florals using my pallet knifes, but the cold winter had me missing the ocean, sand and sun. So I switched gears and started painting ocean inspired works using my pallet knifes and rubber spatula.

While in PA, the thought I should try to paint A Starry Night in acrylics. There were a few obstacles I needed to address. I had to try new things, figure out how to separate the sky from the water since using a pallet knife or rubber spatula makes the paint thick with lots of layers. I ended up taping off the area I was painting. This allowed me to have great texture in the sky and wave but also allowed the wave to be in front of the sky, so you truly got a 3D effect on a flat surface. The lines are painted on last using an oil based paint pen.

Prints of a Starry Night can be found here in my Ocean Inspired Art Gallery.

Which one is your favorite, the Water Color or Acrylic?