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  • Plumbing the Tiny Washer

    I did it!! I plumbed my tiny washer

    It was actually so easy!

    The water lines were below the base I made. I took out one dinette bench and this took its place. The other bench had water heater so that stayed and tuned it into a shelf and counter. So water lines run from bedroom in back through bathroom, under fridge , under the stand and into other bench. So I was able to tap into hot and cold water lines.

    My dad helped me with this project. I had never plumbed anything, other then switching out a faucet. We found the Shark Bate connectors at the hardware store and it made the job so easy! I had pex pipes to I got some more to build the water line into the washer. I should of added a shut off for hot and cold because of the back flow of hot into cold. I forgot to grab the extra shut offs not thinking it would be a big deal and then someone pointed out my error! I’ll be fixing that after Thanksgiving!

    The outside lines took a bit to figure out but I used a rubber tube to step down the built in hose to the port I got.

    To my surprise there were wires running below my hole. But I was on the look out for them so I was able to hold them out of the way as we made the outside hole bigger.

    Cutting through the outside wall was nerve racking!

    The drain port is a standard one used in pop up campers that a garden hose can hook to. I’ll drain to a 5 gallon bucket if boondocking or run it in to sewer hose when hooked up. This way I avoid taking up my gray tank space and trying to plum that would of been a bit harder.

    You can find the washer here. The spin basket does get most of the water out but I have thought about the increased humidity it can cause. I’ll be hanging the clothes in the bathroom and I have a small dehumidifier I’ll run. I can keep door closed and even open vent if I need. My other option is drying at campground laundry mat, especially if I get behind on laundry! If I’m just drying I can at least reduce my cost that way!

  • Hershey Chocolate World

    Today we ventured up to Chocolate World to celebrate Kai’s Birthday. We did the full experience package and we had a blast, ate way too much chocolate & left with even more!

    The make your own Chocolate Bar was the best! 

  • Snow in PA!

    First snow in PA today and the boys were so excited!

    Of course we don’t have snow gear because I was planning on chasing summer in the RV. Bit lots of layers and some old hats and gloves my mom still had worked out great!

    Kona loved the snow and the boys played outside for hours with my moms neighbors!

    Fun with friends!
  • Pops Wood Shop

    My dad taught me everything I know about being handy. When I was younger he would set me up with a board and nails to pound while he was working in his shop. I used to be able to drive a nail in one whack in Kindergarten! 

    Don’t worry I am not that cool any more!

    But neither are my kids! ha! They are trying, despite whacking their thumbs more then not!

    The boys have been spending a lot of time in the wood shop with my dad, more Kai as he is at the perfect age for it, but both are getting some experiences which I love!

    Kai’s first project was a sword! My dad showed him how to draw it out on paper and then transfer that to the wood to cut out. He learned how to use the band saw to cut it out and the sander to smooth it out. He painted it and was quite happy with his creation!

    Kai’s next project was a bandsaw box and he designed a pistol that will hold a clock.

    I love that my sons are learning so much from my dad. I had even started a project earlier in the day as Kai was helping me I realized he knew how to work most of the machines! Tonight my dad jumped in and helped us. Kai learned how to join & glue a board. 

  • New Cushions for Jack Knife Sofa

    New Cushions!

    I had ordered a memory foam mattress which was a great price, under $150! It was very high quality and comfortable but it was just too big. It did not fold well going up and down and was constantly slipping down into the walk way.

    I knew I was going to need to cut it down but I needed the sofa to be more comfortable for me to sleep on. I sure do miss my Sleep number bed!

    The two problems I had was the front of the sofa slanted down so I was sleeping at an angel. The other one was that I could feel the springs through the mattress on that side because it has less material then the top part.

    It was a family affair with my dad and mom both helping me with the project.

    My dad helped me figure out how to fix the downward slop of the front side of the bed, reduce the gap in between the back and front when its laid flat, and making it a tab bit bigger but still be able to open and close.

    I decided to mount the mattress after it was cut down onto plywood boards. I adjust the thickness of the boards for each 1/2 to make up for the decline I was experiencing. This also solved the issues of firmness and feeling the springs.

    My mom helped me pick out the fabric and upholster the cushions. I decided to use two different colors to break up the look



    There is storage underneath the sofa. The original wood door was not in good shape and I trashed it when I redid the floor. I had curtains up temporally until I decided what I wanted to do, but I really disliked them once I had the sofa done!

    Since I had extra wood and fabric I recreated a similar flip down door.

  • Removing the 30 yr old Microwave Convection Oven

    I removed the old microwave convection oven because it hardly heated up water after 2mins and it was most likely giving me cancer 🤣🤣

     I love vintage stuff but a 30 year old microwave…. nope!

    I’m totally obsessed with my Cuisinart oven fryer and it fit perfectly in there with room on the side for the cutting board and induction cook plate. I still need to figure out what to put over the front so it’s secure when I’m driving, but that will come another day!

    I ordered a electric kettle for less then $20! This way I can boil water quickly which is really the only thing I use a microwave for anyway. I truly don’t like to heat up leftovers in the microwave because it makes food taste like rubber! Plus with cooking smaller I am hoping for less leftovers!

  • Gettysburg National Park

    What a great day to check out Gettysburg National Park with my dad who is a Civil War buff. The boys earned their Jr Ranger badges, and the highest badge since I miss understood the directions 🤣🤣

     I had them do 6 actives which was a lot and had me questioning why this was so hard! But these books are based on a point system which I had not encountered before so they did way, way more then needed! 🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ 

    At least they learned a lot! 

    We drove around to the different sights in Gettysburg. The history of the area is so fascinating and the views are spectacular!


    We had an amazing opportunity to get a behind the scenes private tour from the XO of the USS Constitution! 

    How amazing is that!?

    A huge THANK YOU to our friend Manny for pulling some strings!

    The CO had one of the sailors who was up for her qualification as an Historian 2 accompanied us.

    What an amazing opportunity to be apart of her qualification!

    We learned so much more then I had imagined! And she passed! 🙌🏼

    We were able to see inside some areas that are usually off limits like the gun powder storage area! We had to climb down a hatch in the floor and the space was tiny!

    Before we did the tour we visited the Museum first. This was a great way to introduce the boys to the ships history and I think it helped them connect what our guide was talking about because they saw some of those things in the museum! Plus they had more questions to ask too!

    I highly recommend making this a top priority visit if you are in the Boston area! The Naval sailors are so proud of their ship and eager to share the history with visitors, it truly is a unique experience!

  • New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park


    The City That Lit The World

    New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park is located in downtown New Bedford with in 13 block area. It’s a cute town of historic buildings with ocean themed knick knack stores & art galleries tucked next to restaurants along cobblestone streets.

    We started at the national park visitor center after finding street parking. Just FYI you have to download the MobileNOW! Parking app on your phone to pay if your short on change.  No credit cards are accepted in the machine.

    We stopped at the desk for the Jr Ranger Booklets. We walked around and read the displays on the wall but I’ll save you some time time- just go watch the 20-minute orientation movie! It’s a great little movie and the boys enjoyed it more than me reading to them!

    They learned all about whaling. Why people hunted whales and how they were used (products produced) How colonist learned how to whale, where the whales were located, what the economic impact was and ultimately the environmental impact. Also, the roll it had in slave freedom and diversity acceptance in New England.

    Very informational!

    There is a small hands on area for kids. My youngest loved the city area he could move the wooden house around on. He learned about the different buildings that were used by the docks and in the town of New Bedford.

    We walked around the streets looking for things on our scavenger hunt activity which was fun!

    Once they finished the booklets the boys turned them into the Ranger & answered a few questions before getting sworn in!


    Visitors Center

    33 William Street
    New Bedford, MA 02740